Dataset 007: For your eyes only

This is a long video so you may want to use the navigation below to jump to the points that make sense for you from the list below.

0:00 – Introduction
6:07 – PAFnow
7:52 – Process.Science
9:40 – Tools in action (demo)
16:46 – Demo – Download .pbix file
19:09 – Demo – get Process.Science visual
22:00 – Demo – Power Query update to model
27:30 – Demo – KPI build
32:58 – Conclusions

When you want to grow your #dataculture, it is vital to make your dataset self-validating, introducing embedded #processmining is a major part of that step, only then can you move away from a basic reporting landscape and into true #businessintelligence and mature your data usage and so become #datadriven

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