Dataset 009 – Taxi!

Welcome to Dataset 009 – NYC Taxis!

This week we look at how Dataflows are set up, both the process of setting up a set of core dataflows (revisited from another video) and the specific dataflows related to a Dataset.

New York City has lots of data available to download so will I’m sure to end up being the target of another dataset series. This one looks at journeys taken between January 2019 and June 2020; it extends over 100 million rows and shows just how well Power BI can handle enormous amounts of data. It is possible to build the whole dataset within Power BI Desktop, so for free, we could not think of another platform that has that capability.

NOTE: In the video, I built this as a single dataflow after a late decision to change this video to use dataflows. After publishing, an issue was identified so please return next week for the full solution and don’t worry if you are struggling to replicate.

Download the NYC Taxi Data

Dataflow source files

Datacore dataflow source file

00:00 – Introduction
02:20 – Week 1 – Overview
03:46 – EXPLAIN – Demo 1 – Data
04:36 – TECHNICAL – Demo 1 – Data location
05:54 – EXPLAIN – Demo 2 – Dataflow
06:21 – TECHNICAL – Demo 2 – Dataflow – Core
08:49 – TECHNICAL – Demo 2 – Dataflow – Dataset 009
28:39 – Conclusions

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