(dis)Connecting Age – 0215

Sometimes there is a need to be able to select things that you can analyse. It is possible to use a slicer or slicers to make your visuals more interactive by exploring data or even what-if analysis.

COVID-19 is known to have a different impact on people depending on age. This has led to many countries prioritising vaccinations for older members of their population being the first to receive it. As vaccinations have moved down through the cohorts, the impact of Confirmation Bias is coming to the fore. Previously we have discussed Confirmation Bias in terms of direct impact. The fuller impact is on how it shapes decisions, so for many younger people, the decision has been to not vaccinate because the risk of death is lower or minimal from COVID-19. The Challenge here is that while the risk of death is lower, hospitalisation is still significant. The long-term impact of Long COVID-19 is still fully uncovered, with people still unable to return to work months after infection. Our COVID-19 report accompanying these videos shows that the case rates are highest in a Children and Young Adult Group (under 30s). Please do not take our word for that though, look and see for yourself!

Ultimately, the Right of the Individual is dependant on the Individual being prepared to take responsibility for challenging their hypotheses. If the hypothesis is validated, then you know what you need to do. If not, then you may want to reconsider.

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