Food Hygiene – Power BI Desktop

After looking at how you can use Power Query within Excel (and remember that also works in Power BI Desktop or any other M Scripting tool) you can greatly simplify the process of regularly producing report content for your management teams. This week it is time to look at how we can move to the next level, using Power BI Desktop to connect to the data source and produce the data table automatically.

Now you are able to go straight to a webpage and import the data into a Power BI Desktop file you can do so much more. When you follow along you will use the folder you set up as a source for the names of the XML files that are needed, remember the issue is that the webpage has many XML files, which one do you want? This is similar to some tools report pages where you can download report content, in those cases typically each downloaded file would be treated differently, however the overarching principal of changing the File to Web would remain the same, you should also probably use two parameters as we have done in our example, this will make more sense in a future video.

If you too are wanting to follow along, you can download some files from the link below and of course remember to set up your parameters!

Download Ratings Data

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