It never ends

Continuous Improvement or Iterative growth is a core part of Power BI, but often something that people struggle to see until it is pointed out to them. In my experience this is one of the biggest USP’s (Unique Selling Points) for Power BI, I can’t personally think of another platform that has this feature so well implemented.

Your steps with Power BI become
1. Get Data
2. Build Model
3. Build Report
4. Begin LOOP
4a – Select data model
4b – Build Report
4c – Visualise in menu (Dashboard)

Until yo get right into this cycle you may not realise it is there.

Why not build this (or better) yourself

Inspections Title =

VAR FDate = MIN(Dates[Dates])
VAR LDate = MAX(Dates[Dates])
VAR Orig = “Inspections over time”
VAR filteredS = “Inspections from ”
VAR filteredM = ” to ”
IF (
filteredS & FORMAT(FDate, “dd-MMM-yy”) & filteredM & FORMAT(LDate, “dd-MMM-yy”),

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