It’s all Disconnected!

When you have a range of core measures, it can be challenging (and time-consuming) to create multiple copies of all content with all the different measures, so is there a better way? What-if there was a way to let your customers choose what they wanted to look at on a report and have that simple and readily available so people could see how the different measures reflect across the visuals? Lastly, of course, what-if you could what-if.

Disconnected Tables are a great way of dynamically selecting a measure or value to present on your reports. In our example with the NYC Taxis, we used a disconnected table to help a customer make the most of the report without creating pages for every measure.

Disconnected = 
VAR Selected = SELECTEDVALUE(Disconnected_Show[Order],0)
    Selected = 0, [Journeys],
    Selected = 1, [Total Fares],
    Selected = 2, [Total Passengers],
    Selected = 3, [Total Tips],
    Selected = 4, [Average Distance],
    Selected = 5, [AVG Passengers],
    Selected = 6, [Tip%]*100, blank()

As a bonus, we also used the dynamic titling within Power BI to cope with the challenge you face with Disconnected Tables… simply as a single DAX statement is used, you can apply only a single Number Format.

SelectedToShow = SELECTEDVALUE(Disconnected_Show[Heading], BLANK ( ) )

Remember that you may also see Disconnected Tables referred to as Disconnected Slicers and Disconnected Measures.

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