Looking Back – 0214

When you want to keep moving forward, it is important not to lose sight of where you are coming from. That is true in so much of life and is equally true within the arena of Power BI reporting. In England, like many countries around the world, fatigue is setting in over COVID-19, in much the same way that fatigue sets in when you’re learning a new skill, so over the next two weeks across both our video streams, we’ll be revisiting some of the COVID data for England, why not follow along with either England or your home?

This dashboard came about based on the discussions about if younger people were taking up the COVID-19 Vaccine. The thought process for many seems to be that the risk posed by COVID-19 is significantly lower for them as they are younger, so they feel that they are “safer” to avoid the vaccine altogether. That really is not the case. While the instances of death for younger people is lower than for the elderly, the impact of COVID-19 on young people can still have long-lasting consequences. Long COVID is a real condition, and its effect on the young is particularly devastating, especially as they often have to work to support themselves. A vaccination minimises the chances of this for you.

So by looking at the UK Government (Public Health) Data, it is possible to look at cases and vaccination rates by age and location. From that simple dataset, you can do a lot to understand the current position of any part of England. In this first video, we look at the basics of how the initial data flow was set up and configured. You could even follow along with this using Excel as a public data source, although some of the visualisation options will be difficult to implement.

This report aims to give you access to information about what is happening across England and where the infection risks are highest. Look at the report for yourself here.

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