Power BI is 5 and our next step

So with Power BI hitting five years old, I’ve been looking back at what I’ve done in Power BI. I started using Power BI really early on and probably that could be considered “pretty poorly using it”. I like to take time to look back at these anniversaries and remember just how great Power BI is and how annoying it is that I can’t find more things to complain about, but that’s not a bad thing is it?

The Power BI Team would like to invite everyone to a community event.


Always bet on Black and White! – Old Geordie saying, honest

Geordie Intelligence is going to become part of our new company Geordie ‘un is our words to live by and so makes for a great name. Always pick the Geordie option if you want to have a great time at work and even better down time.

Geordie Intelligence will be our YouTube and Training side while Georidie Consulting wil be your choice for a Professional Services relating to Power BI.

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