Quick get it measured

Using Quick Measures is a really simple way of being able to move beyond just drag and drop simple aggregations, they are a gateway into the world of DAX. Quick Measures are locked in terms of the measures that they write, however they always show you the DAX that has been written, so if you’ve started with something really simple and your model grows, you can always expand what has been system generated and use it as the basis for your own custom DAX measures.
In the last dataset we just used the aggregations and this time we’ve started to experiment with the Quick Measures, there is so much more to them than just the couple that I’ve shown you today and you can take this to the next level over on the Power BI Quick Measures Gallery (don’t worry we’ll look at some of these next week)
Patrick LeBlanc’s Video on Quick Measures
Power BI Quick Measures Gallery
Microsoft Docs Guide to Quick Measures


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