Weekend Work 002 – Find and Replace and Divide

Query Editor – Find and Replace

Report Layer – Divide

Within Query Editor you can quickly create functions, it is something that seems impossible when you first start in query editor but in terms of learning to be comfortable with “M” and query editor starting to use them is a big step forward. I would recommend downloading the enclosed file; then you can easily follow the video and add your function. Remember that you will name your function, so it may well have a different name to the one I created in the video.
In DAX when you divide numbers it is challenging to ensure the reliability of your reports, errors will invariably creep in, and divide is an operation that is often the cause of that, so knowing a safe divide function is extremely useful.
DIVIDE ( Numerator, Denominator, [Error result])
Safe division function that handles blanks and divide by zero
I would really recommend starting a knowledge base on all the functions that we will cover. You can use OneNote, Evernote or any number of other tools, the main thing to find something that works for you.
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