Weekend Work 014 – Sharing, collaboration and Countries

On Tuesday we looked at a theoretical model for a Power BI Only environment, the nice thing about the model is it will work with some or all of your data coming form outside Dataflows, the main thing is to get the idea of separating data and then building models. Again you may prefer to build your models in Azure Analysis Services, that too is possible. Today we show you the practical side of setting up the Power BI Only environment

Every Power BI Environment needs core data to be standardised, in the past we looked at setting up your calendar dimension and even a basic time dimension, last week we brought the Transparancy.org data into a dataflow and now we can finish off a Country Dimension by using bringing in a standard list of countries and three digit codes.

You should now have an idea of how you want to manage your Power BI environment. Sharing with groups and then using your Data Core to develop standardisation.

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