We are Geordie Intelligence

Geordie Intelligence is all about fun, enjoyment and of course learning. We will change the world by helping people to understand data. We generate so much data but few of us understand it. Geordie Intelligence will support you in developing your skills. Learning to be a little better with your data is transformative. With some data awareness, you will start to challenge your own views and make your decisions based on data. We have a vision; we hope you will join us.

Geordie Intelligence is about you and your personal journey of Data Literacy. We will give you the tools and encourage you to question the data. You will learn to validate your assumptions or even discredit them. First, though, we will make you one of us. Geordie Intelligence is all about making data democratic. If everyone can understand the data or even better present the data suddenly it is no longer data. You have transcended into a world where data is key, decisions are made based on data and you have a true platform for growth.

I started Geordie Intelligence as a direct result of the questions and feedback I received running a Super User Community. It was clear that pretty pictures were being delivered because that was what was demanded, but the value of those was minimal. That company was not alone, across my career I have seen the same mistakes and it has always been a frustration, then Power BI arrived, and I realised that suddenly the technology had caught up with the vision. Microsoft has placed Enterprise grade Analytics capabilities to any computer or laptop – Ross

Learning is fun!

We’ve spent many years training people in accessing their data, Power BI then arrived, and it became clear that the vision could be realised, the pain and limitations that had been a feature of life were swept away, since release Power BI has only got better, there is an extremely active community within Microsoft and beyond and as a result Power BI is a tool to be taken extremely seriously.

Geordie Intelligence is a personal training and support organisation if you have a business and you would like consultancy to get you to the next level then our sister company Geordie Consulting is there for you. So, sit back relax and start watching videos, giving some feedback, and of course telling us about your challenges. After years of training, we know that people take in more when they relax so hopefully you can relax with us and learn as you go.