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Power BI - Disconnected Slicers - RL009

Disconnected Slicers are a first look at using Support data within Power BI. If you can understand the principals around Disconnected Slicers it will make things simpler for you when you start to look at things like Calculation Groups. This short video will give you a brief overview of the principals.

AreaofAssessment =
VAR Selected = SELECTEDVALUE('General Inspections'[Ordinal],BLANK())
Selected = 1, [InternalStructureIssue],
Selected = 2, [ExternalStructureIssue],
Selected = 3, [AccessLaddersIssues],
Selected = 4, [OverflowPipesIssues],
Selected = 5, [AirVentsIssues],
Selected = 6, [RoofAccessIssues],[Inspections])

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