Weekend Work 020 – Next Level

In the last two weeks we have looked at measures and the ETL process and parts of M in Query Editor, now it is time to start to look at the next level of this. Levelling up our queries both in DAX and M.

Weekend Work 019 – Mistakes

Mistakes in Power BI are normal and part of your growth and development. Where these mistakes hurt you is when you unintentionally either slow down your solution and limit its capacity for expansion.

Weekend Work 016: Seek and Decide

Power BI is a platform that you need to work smart with. There are things you need to spend effort on… getting the locations in your organisation mapped for example and there are things others need to work on. Knowing the two is key.

Weekend Work 015 – Evolution

Power BI is a continuous solution, that means you have to be prepared to make changes and keep your data relevant in order to succeed. It is not a case that you have messed up it is a badge of success that people ask for your data to do more. Remember the more data does for you the more cost effective it is!

Weekend Work 011: DAX to M + Tooltips and Drills

We’re really exploring the NYC Water Tower Inspection data. This week we go through the process of “Upgrading” our data model to move Calculated Columns into the M using the Query Editor. We then explore using Tooltips and Drill-down within Power BI