Members Benefits

Welcome to all our members and a special welcome to our Angels of the North. Our members make it possible to keep this channel growing. I want to be able to recruit a team in Newcastle to help with the channel keep improving the content.

Being an Angel is our ultimate support tier. As a limited-access premium tier, this has some amazing benefits. Angels of the North get all the benefits of our main tier “Wor Lads and Lasses” while also getting 2 hours per month of 1:1 time with a Senior Consultant from Geordie Consulting

“Wor Lads and Lasses” are the core of our membership, it’s important to me that this tier is accessible. We will be making additional content that is accessible our members only, extended videos and even specific content that will only be listed under the Members areas.

If you’re looking for a business please contact our Consulting Partner. Between us we develop materials to be used to education and train people, teams and businesses. We are also able to feedback a much wider range of experiences to our Consultants to make them far better for your business. As Wesley Snipes would say if he were a Geordie… “Always bet on Geordie!”

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