Data Explorer – 0216

In our last video, we talked about how we should consider setting content up to be interactive with people to explore what is available. Setting up Power BI Tooltips and Drill-throughs is relatively simple; however, it is not always clear what needs to be done to make them work.

Getting a business to embrace Power BI requires getting them to start to interact with the content. This becomes easier when you think of the User Experience (UX) side of their interactions. “What does this page say…”, “What behaviours will be driven by…” and of course “, How does this empower…”. When those questions and more are part of the design process rather than “I need to show Metric X over Y.” Deeper interactions will work around your current metrics, or KPI’s however are rarely the totality of analysis or business intelligence, an interactive report must allow for more insights to be found. Remember, as insights are found, you will need to have a cohesive and effective Continual Improvement model so that you are enabling people to request updates, new visuals or new metrics. The key is to always be aware that you cannot know everything.

7 Day Average ALL Cases/100k = 
VAR Last = MAX('Calendar'[Dates])
VAR First = last - 7 
CALCULATE( Average ( 'Cases-NoAge'[newCasesByPublishDate] ), DATESBETWEEN( 'Calendar'[Dates], First, Last))

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