Layer it up!

The exploration of your data within Power BI is only enriched by considering your Reports on multiple layers. Tooltips exist “above” your data to easily offer up summary information, and then drill-throughs enable you to drill down into your data to get that next level of information.

Traditionally businesses run on “Flat” data visualisations (charts or tables copied and pasted into a presentation solution, Word, PowerPoint, Email). These often start as useful ways to disseminate information about a specific issue; however, these often become meaningless when that initial challenge is addressed. Additionally, the primary distribution medium of Email means that there can be “issues” with information not “getting through”.

When you make your data interactive and move for that to be used instead of email delivery, interactivity then triggers and drives a continual improvement cycle and “What happens if…” and “How can I find out about…” become core drivers of improvement that prevent the information from becoming irrelevant and so just a burden rather than a benefit to your business.

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