Back in New York! Power BI meets Yellow Taxis

When you adopt Power BI, you have to understand that Power BI is not a one and done tool. Instead, it is something that will always be developing, improving and growing, the agility of the tool supports and encourages that and being able to get anyone in your organisation able to create their own content based on standardised data sources means you will be revisiting content that you may not have touched for months on end. This is the first video in a three-week series looking at just how easy it is to pick up a data source, update it, migrate report content to an updated data model and generally “Maintain” your environment.

It is said so much that Power BI is self-documenting, but is it? The New York Taxi Dataset was initially taken up to ~325 million rows of data. Now, after the initial success, it is time to improve the model and update everything. So how is that done, and will it require a huge project, or is it all relatively simple?

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