Weekend Work 009 – The flow of data and non-data in Power BI

Data Flows in Power BI

Disconnected Tables/Slicers

This week we revisited a great Dataset – New York Rooftop Drinking Water Tower Inspections. This is so good because essentially it comes down to a single spreadsheet, this can the be connected to via Excel and/or a Power BI Dataflow (both covered in the first video), once you have connected to it you can explore and stay on top of the data.
The simplicity of the data set also makes it ideal to introduce the concept of non-data tables within Power BI. These are tables that do not hold data but instead form part of either an analysis or the UI, in video two we look at using a table connected to a slicer and a measure to change charts and other visuals on a page. This Concept flows on to include Calculation Groups and many other parts of Power BI (to be discussed in future WW videos).
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URL for Data – https://data.cityofnewyork.us/api/views/gjm4-k24g/rows.csv
DAX Code for Disconnected Table/Slicer
AreaofAssessment =
VAR Selected = SELECTEDVALUE(‘General Inspections'[Ordinal],BLANK())
Selected = 1, [InternalStructureIssue],
Selected = 2, [ExternalStructureIssue],
Selected = 3, [AccessLaddersIssues],
Selected = 4, [OverflowPipesIssues],
Selected = 5, [AirVentsIssues],
Selected = 6, [RoofAccessIssues],[Inspections])
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