Weekend Work 012: Another Spreadsheet + My First Filter (in Calculate)

Transparency.org work to help us all do better in our business dealings by creating the Corruption Perceptions Index. This index ranks countries based on the level of corruptions perceived. This is an excellent way to be able to determine risks to your good business practice by doing business with companies or governments in those countries. The CPI gives a way of also quantifying over time the way states are improving (or not) over time. In this video we’ll run through the steps required to import the data into Power BI Desktop. If you decided to build this as a part of your “Data Core” then you can create a dataflow (see below in members area for video of how to do this)

DAX is all about Context – Filter and Row context. Measures are evaluated using filter context, this comes from the other visuals on the page, sometimes you need to be able to change the context within a measure and that way can lead to trouble. Here we look at how a simple Percentage of the total measure can steer us in the wrong direction.


The Dunning-Kruger Effect is something every trainer or teachers is aware of although they may not know the name. So often when I engage with businesses to work with their teams it is important to be aware of how people will be affected by setbacks and challenges. Often for me, I work with people approaching the top of the first curve or on the downward side, so I need to make sure confidence is heading back up before I am happy to send them on their way (we will never close the door on anyone who’s happy to work with us). As we love to tackle Bias on this channel so enjoy someone else’s view… shame he doesn’t have a Geordie Accent.

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