Weekend Work 017 – Time Intelligence in DAX and a Peek at Demo 1

This week we looked at Time Intelligence within Power BI. Time Intelligence Calculations are something that you will find you use in almost all your projects. In this demo, we take you through how we add a Year To Date Measure and a Previous Year Measure. From there it is then possible to create a percentage change so we go through doing that, last it is important to understand the context of change so we calculate an average percentage change.

Inspections YTD = TOTALYTD( [Inspections], 'Calendar'[Dates])

Inspection YTD2 = CALCULATE( [Inspections], DATESYTD('Calendar'[Dates]))

Previous Year = CALCULATE([Inspections], 

pct Change = 
    DIVIDE([Inspections YTD],[LY])

AVG pctChange = AVERAGEX(
              [pct Change]

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