Dataset 007 – Mining Processes

Welcome to the world of Process Mining, this has become a major part of what we end up doing within Power BI to validate what is actually being done when compared to what is supposed to be done. The ideas behind Process Mining are simple, many organisations have process documentation and KPI’s, metrics etc… to support them, however, is the process what is being done and if it is is there any deviations and if so, how significant is that.

PAFnow has an excellent solution to this problem and because they have embedded their tool within Power BI it means that there is no ivory tower within Process Mining anymore. By using the Power BI platform, they have engaged with the Data Democratisation agenda, the biggest benefit to any company. The traditional view of Process Mining is it is something you would get consultants in to deliver for your business, however having it baked into Power BI removes this need (you may still want to seek consultation… Geordie Consulting are always available if needed), you and your BI team can inject Data Mining into any area of your business. This means the results can be visible across the whole business.


#PowerBI, #ProcessMining

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