Power BI and the Never-ending Story

So much of our work is about helping people to understand that Power BI doesn’t have an end-point. There isn’t really a time when you look at your Power BI environment and think “Right that’s it, we’ve done everything we can sit back and relax”. That’s actually one of the strengths of the platform. We’ve never become version locked and even when a complete re-write has been needed of our data models (and yes that’s a thing and not something to be afraid of) we’ve found Power BI relatively easy to work with.

The problem is that is not really compatible with the way that modern companies work. You will get the budget to deliver a specific thing, turning round on delivery day and saying “Ok, for our next release we’re going to do…” is frowned upon. The reality however is that is exactly how Power BI works, people see great report content and naturally ask the next question.

When you work in a business it is therefore really important to make sure that you have a Power BI Partner you can work with not just on a single project but ongoing. Make sure they are flexible to your needs and will support you in achieving your goals. The best consultancies will always put your business first! If you’re cynical and think “How’s putting my business first make them money” remember, that’s why they ask for testimonials or permission to case study. Invariable if you get asked it is because they are as proud of what was achieved in a project as you as, share in that joy!

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